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Getting your business online can be a daunting task especially with all
the jargon and tech you have to learn to do it right! The more time you
spend learning to "Do-It-Yourself", the more time you lose in your business.
As for the budget? Don't stress. Our packages are tailored for any stage of your
business cycle.

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Online Business Support Services (O.B.S.S.) works with small business owners to help them refine their business and digital marketing strategies. We apply a wealth of experience and knowledge to achieve our objective of helping small business owners master digital marketing by creating attractive online presence, generating qualified leads and turning them into paying customers.

Using the latest technology and research, O.B.S.S. generates multiple marketing funnels, content, social media pages, online stores, websites, animation and sales videos.

Jump start your online business growth today with our digital marketing services.

Partner with us and see why we can be"YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS PARTNER".

What we do

We value your business as much as you do and will ensure it is presented online, professionally.

Websites & Branding
Social Media Management
Video Editing & Animation
SEO & Lead Generation

Focus on what you love.

We will do the tech.

Why work with us

We look at your brand holistically to ensure it is aligned to your business objectives, presented professionally and experienced consistently in and outside your business.

Our approach to solutions, is:


We believe in your vision and understand your goals. We are more than just a service provider. We are "Your online Business Partner".


Your online presence is a reflection of your entire brand story. We will display and communicate it effectively.


Your business is unique and requires solutions that are suitable for it. We use this premise to craft digital marketing solutions that align to your vision and overall business objectives.

Professional Digital Marketing Services

for small business owners.

What people say

"Louisa, you are a true mentor! You are already playing a very important role in Little Oak Events & Caterers. Your advice is surely timely and visionary. We will implement your advice with the seriousness it deserves…”

Edit Ng' ang 'a

Little Oak and Events Caterers. KENYA

"Louisa you are making my company to look so professional. Its look and feel is like I have lots of money already."

Phumeza Nhantsi

PNS Advisory Services. SOUTH AFRICA

"Louisa from O.B.S.S. is a dedicated individual with lots of value to add to your business. She manages projects with ease, creates content for newsletters and social media and a basket full of other services too. Above all, she is a wonderful person and a business woman to take note of."

Leana Leonard

Geared2Solve. SOUTH AFRICA

My ROI went on the roof! Thank you OBSS for the high-quality service. I truly recommend this company :)

L.W. Panlilio

Social Cookie Digital Marketing Agency. UNITED KINGDOM

Put your best foot forward and impress your customers.
Start by choosing your best look with our beautifully designed templates and we will do the tech for you.

Our packages will complement any stage of your business and budget. Don't get left behind.

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