21 Feb

Your brand's digital marketing strategy cannot be complete without a social media manager. And this is why...

The number of businesses advertising on Facebook is currently over 3 million. If you want to gain visibility on social, these numbers are daunting. Yet it underscores the importance of Facebook marketing for businesses today - and the importance of all the other popular social networks, with millions (if not billions) of users each.

Prior to the advent of social media management professionals, the job of the social media manager was confined to interns or specialists so they could post organic content to gain any benefit. However, today's social media landscape is quite different.

We saw some significant changes, such as:

  • Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would suppress the brand's content in news feeds due to an algorithm update.
  • Twitter announced that users will no longer be allowed to post identical content on more than one account.

An expert on social media needs to keep an eye on these changes to guarantee the success of the brands they work with on social media platforms. An existing employee who, among other tasks, contributes to social media efforts within a company is a tremendous asset. To ensure a better return on your investment and support social media marketing campaigns, you'd be better off hiring a social media manager to aid in managing, maintaining, and executing them.

You should have a social media manager for a variety of reasons.

1. Social landscapes are constantly evolving

As the platform's algorithm changes and latest trends emerge within the platform, your social media manager can keep track, as well as adapt your marketing strategy and content according to the latest updates. Social media managers should also be open-minded towards new platforms and consider what strategies to implement to ensure success on those platforms.

As an example, the TikTok app has been downloaded over 2 billion times. It's safe to assume your brand should be there too if your targeted audience is there. Chances are that your competitors are. 

An existing social media platform can also benefit from new features. Are you familiar with Reels and Shops from Instagram? Have you and your team discussed ways to get the best use out of those new areas? 

Social media managers are adept at absorbing new developments as well as anticipating what may come about and are able to quickly formulate a strategy to allow them to go back to the drawing board with their clients to adapt campaign objectives and content as needed to ensure continued success.

2. Content marketing can help you grow your business 

This all-in-one content marketing toolkit helps you to improve online visibility, attract new customers, and boost sales. There's nothing more crucial than interacting with your users, whether they are on your page or in your group. What's the point? Users of your brand want to know that your brand cares about them and is engaged in a two-way conversation on social media.

In addition to reputation management (read below for more information on that), having a social media manager monitor your brand's pages can offer several other advantages. Are you interested in what new product to sell or would you like guidance on what your subscribers would like to read? Just ask!

All other campaigns you're involved in will be able to be baked into your social media manager's campaigns. It is vital that your brand responds to users' feedback, whether it is positive or negative, as this shows that it is listening and that it is taking the feedback seriously. 

Using social media to improve customer service can help you reach your customers. Have you ever heard of someone buying the wrong size of a product? A customer would certainly use social media as the first port of call for support.

3. Save time and money 

Needless to say, having an expert at the helm can cut down on a lot of time and money that companies may spend on content creation, failed campaigns and extensive research. When you hire an experienced social media manager, you are essentially getting right to the point. You skip the countless meetings with employees who do not possess adequate knowledge of the field and instead, fast-forward to the actual part of converting potential leads. Essentially, expediting the process will save your company immense time and money. Moreover, hiring an in-house manager is undoubtedly less expensive than consistently outsourcing your work.

4. Building an audience 

The KPIs of your social media manager should include a person responsible for growing your audience. You can basically use social media as a megaphone in the digital world as you grow your audience. 

In a study from September 2020, 51% of respondents described social media as having influenced their buying decisions, and 29% of respondents stated that social media influenced their purchasing decisions so much that they would buy an item on the same day. 

Imagining your social media audience as your brand's ambassadors would help spread the word about its products, services, and benefits.

Credibility increases with the size of your audience. Furthermore, your brand's reputation increases, too. What about partnering with other brands for your business or brand? You may also be able to increase opportunities for your brand by having a large audience on social media. 

Want to get the word out about a blog post you wrote or a new feature you launched on your site? An engaged audience is an effective way to spread a good word about your brand, which in turn will boost both your social media presence and revenue.

5. Monitoring & Reporting 

Your campaign can be improved if you have a social media manager in charge of your efforts. However, if your current efforts aren't performing as well as you would like, a social media manager can switch goals, creatives, or content to develop a more effective campaign. 

Having a social media manager check your campaigns regularly will ensure you're not wasting money and that your goals are being met. It is their job to turn off underperforming ads and optimize other campaigns. 

Social media managers monitor campaigns over time and will recognize when a tactic grows tired or when it is time to reconsider the strategy. The monthly reporting provided by this tool is unbelievably valuable as it allows you to write documentation that relates to:

  • How many executions were carried out that month?
  • Its performance compared with previous months.
  • Where to go from here?

If you don't have someone dedicated to these efforts around the clock, you may not always be able to achieve the same results as you do if the campaign continues to be successful.


Now that you know how valuable a social media manager is, it is our hope that you can see that hiring one is better than not having one at all. 

An intern or low-level employee who posts content at random on behalf of your brand will produce a poorer outcome than someone who is 100% committed to your brand's strategy and goals. 

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